Yes, e-cigarettes are a great convenience. Dabbing and a huge bong pull are other examples of this. We can all agree, however, that there are occasions when using a vape pen does not provide adequate satisfaction. However, have you ever used a bong to smoke e-liquid? Vaping through a bong is very convenient.

To connect your favorite bong, dab rig, or other water pipe to your vaporizer is easy. It is a great idea to use a vape to a bong connection to improve your vaping experience. Read more about the difference between smoking through a bong vs vape here.


We’ll explain why you’d want to use a bong, the greatest bong accessories presently on the market, and precisely how to use your bong in this post.


Why Vape through a Bong?

Vaping through a bong
Vaping through a bong

Smoother and more pleasant hits are always the consequence when you smoke via a water pipe, filter, or cooling system. While we’re big fans of e-cigarettes, nothing compares to the pleasure of a complete bong pull. However, if you want to prevent damaging your lungs and throat, you should stop smoking as a habit.


Bong rip

The best possible vaping experience may be had if you can consistently generate vapors that are both clean and cold. With a vape-to-bong adaptor, this can be done simply and economically.


If you’re using a dabbing torch and a piping hot banger or nail to vaporize cannabis oils or extracts, it’s easy to mistakenly overdo it.


One misplaced, high-temperature squirt and you’re out of the game. You incinerate your lungs and throat. You’re choking on your own vomit. While searching for your Visine, your vision begins to blur.


Vape pens and vaporizers with high wattages run hot. In addition to the harshness of the smoke, mouthpieces may get dangerously hot and even burn your lips. Your strikes might be stifled by the severity as well.


Using a water pipe to cool down the vapors from your vaporizer considerably reduces the amount of heat they produce. A bong, on the other hand, allows you to pull thick, massive clouds of smoke into the chamber for a more potent and satisfying experience. This means you’ll get thick clouds, the best possible flavor, and an even better high.


Vaporizer and Water Pipe Adapters

So what vaporizers are compatible to hook up to your rig?


Our first step is to look at the most basic and inexpensive options, before moving on to more complex ones.


How to Vape with Your Bong for the Best Hits Possible

DabCap Vape-to-Rig Adapter


The first-ever adaptor for a vaporizer to a rig. Forget about dabbing on glass with this unique tool made of 100% pure medical-grade silicone. Smoking concentrates with DabCap is as easy as doing so with dried marijuana. Open the cartridge’s cap.



AirVape Bong Adapter

AirVape X and Legacy vapes may be used with a glass water bong adapter. A water bong and an adaptor are included. In addition to AirVape, it is compatible with other water pipes. Adapter is also available for purchase.




Vapor Slide

Using the Vapor Slide batteries, insert your e-liquid cartridge into the device. Place the down-stem or female piece of your bong into the chamber.



G Pen Connect

A water pipe with a glass-to-glass connection may be transformed into a powerful e-rig. For maximum taste, the G Pen Connect has a ceramic heating element that uniformly warms solid concentrates in its palm-sized design.



How to Vape through a Bong?

vape bongs
vape bongs

Although water pipe attachments might come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they all fundamentally perform the same function.


The mouthpiece of a vaporizer or vape cartridge is normally connected to one end of the vape attachment. In this case, it connects to the female portion of your rig’s downstem.


Instead of inhaling via the mouthpiece of your vaporizer, you’ll instead draw through your bong’s mouthpiece. Hold the button down for as long as you inhale using a push-button vaporizer.


There are some attachments that merely connect your vape to your glass, while others are complete vaporizers that may be used in conjunction with your glass (meaning they include a battery or heating element).


For example, the Vapor Slide is a bong adapter for your vape oil cartridges that is also a vape battery itself.


Battery-powered, the G Pen Connect Vape to Rig device employs a ceramic heating chamber for vaping waxy extracts via a bong or other glass rig.


Vaping extracts with the G Pen Connect is as simple as connecting it to your bong.

The AirVape X and Legacy dry herb vaporizers are compatible with AirVape’s tiny glass bong and adapter. Other glass water pipes may be used with AirVape vaporizers thanks to the adaptor.


The DabCap, on the other hand, is only an adaptor that works with narrow-mouthpiece vape cartridges. In fact, the DabCap is not even a vaporizer in its own right. Pod vaporizers like the PAX Era may also be used with the DabCap, which has a 510-threaded port.


DabCap vape-to-rig adapter

DabCap vape to bong adapter
DabCap vape to bong adapter

DabCap attachment allows you to use your vape pen with a bong.

DabCap Vape-to-Rig Adapter


The first-ever adaptor for a vaporizer to a rig. Forget about dabbing on glass with this unique tool made of 100% pure medical-grade silicone. Smoking concentrates with DabCap is as easy as doing so with dried marijuana. Open the cartridge’s cap.


Additionally, if you’re looking to experiment with dry herb vaping via a bong, the DynaVap may be used with a DabCap. With a butane torch, the DynaVap may be used to vaporize dried plant. The DynaVap fits snugly inside the DabCap rubber. Using the DynaVap, you may enjoy vaporizing your smoke using a bong in one of the cleanest methods possible.


DynaVap and DabCap for dry herb vaporization using a water pipe.

It’s impossible to replicate the feeling of dabbing, but these vape-to-bong choices provide the finest vaporization of cannabis waxes, cartridges, and flowers than ever before.


One of these vape accessories will last you for years and be a terrific addition to your vaping armory at such inexpensive prices.



Keep updated on our blog for more information about bongs! Enjoy your reading.