The Right Vaporizer for You (a guide)

Are you planning to buy a vaporizer but you’re not sure where to start? Here is a quick guide to know all the kinds of vaporizers available in the market, what are its features and if it is the right fit for you.


First, let’s know what’s your preference. Are you making the transition to quit smoking? Do you find making clouds interesting and fun? Or are you looking for another option to enjoy weed in a recreational manner?


Whatever you preferences are, there will always be an option for everyone.


Let’s look at the different kinds of vaporizers.


  1. For those who are transitioning to quit smoking


For those who thought that switching to vaping might help them reduce their nicotine intake, vape pens and e-cigarettes are the perfection option.


The vape pen or vapor pen is the most popular product there is out there for those who are wanting to use vaping as a substitute for smoking. They are cylindrical in shape and are slightly larger than the typical e-cigarettes of the cig-a-likes. The first kind of vape pens are those that has a fixed voltage. This means that it has only one voltage output designed to process your vape juice. The second kind are the tube mods. It has added features where you can adjust both voltage and temperature. The mods are also designed for those who want to customize their nicotine intake.


The pros for using vape pens is that first it is user friendly. Also it has excellent cloud production and the flavor is more pronounced than your regular cig-a-likes. The downside is has a short battery life but not as short as cig-a-like and it consumes more vape juice, which means that you may have to refill more often.


If you are starting with the vaping experience, the vape pen is a good way to go.


  1. For those who are more into making clouds


Yes, there are those that are called cloud vape pens which has a much more sleek design and it can generate big clouds. For those who are trying to get into the world of creating giant clouds, the box mod type is the perfect device for you. It has more features than the vape pen and offers settings that you can easily customize depending on your preference. It offers high performance, flavor intensity and cloud production. It has a longer battery life and since it is easier to customize, it offers a wider range of coils depending on your choice of use. It may take some time to master the device so box mods may not be a good option for beginners.


  1. For those who are looking for another option to enjoy weed


There are two kinds of vaporizers that you can check if you want to try vaping weed. Vaporizers for weed come in two general classifications: conduction and convection vaporizers. Conduction vaporizers use direct heat contact to heat up the weed, which transforms it into vapor. With conduction vaporizers, it gives the user the option to have control over the temperature intensity. Also it can heat up as quick as 5 minutes and require minimum maintenance.  Although designed for vaping, direct heat from the source may have the tendency to burn the herb. This can be avoided by adjusting the temperature control. Convection vaporizers on the other hand transfer heat by using moving steam to create heat transfer. With convection vaporizers, users have no control over the temperature and it heats up in over 10 minutes. It requires some maintenance and upgrade to keep it from breaking down. Since the heat source in a convection vaporizer does not have direct contact with the herb, there is a zero possibility of burning.