Best ways to use a vaporizer pen for wax

The popularity of vaporizer pens has skyrocketed in the last few years because they are cost-effective, discreet, and can be used anywhere. In particular, when it comes to wax pens for concentrates (also called “dabs”), there are a lot of misperceptions about what is best for your health and how to use it properly. In this article we will address some common concerns about vaporizer pen for wax, then provide tips on how to correctly use a portable vaporizer for wax at home or on the go.

Contrary to popular belief, there are many better ways to use a wax pen. A vaporizer is typically used for concentrates but should not be confused with a joint.

Instead of inhaling smoke or burning your material, vaporizers heat certain materials in the chamber to vaporize them. This process produces a clean and consistent smoke-like experience that allows you to enjoy the aroma and effects of different concentrates without burning or losing the medicinal properties found in marijuana concentrates like wax, shatter and budder.

There are also some unique advantages to using a vaporizer over traditional smoking methods:

vessel pen vaporizer
vessel pen vaporizer

No smoke smell: Vaping produces zero secondhand smoke, and there is no odor associated with vape pens. If you are using a portable vaporizer pen for wax, there is little chance of getting that lingering and distinct pot smell on your hands or clothes after use.

No danger of fire hazards: A single flame lighter is capable of setting entire trees on fire, but the type of heating element in a vape pen simply can’t catch anything else on fire. The battery for a vape pen is also enclosed inside the vaporizer unit and is not vulnerable to being shorted out from damaged cables or connectors.

No harmful side effects: You will be much more confident when using a portable vaporizer for wax than with a traditional joint because you will not be inhaling anything other than the concentrate that you are using. Unlike smoking, you will not be inhaling ash or any other toxic material from the pipe or rolling papers, therefore avoiding the tar and carcinogens that are present in smoke.

Better flavor: The vaporizer pen delivers all the flavor of your concentrates without any of the nasty taste associated with smoking (e.g., ash).


If you are interested in learning how to use a wax pen at home, check out our article on How to Use a Vaporizer.

vaporizer pen for wax
vaporizer pen for wax

vaporizer pen for waxIn order to get the most out of your wax pen, however, it is important to understand common mistakes that can be made when using a vaporizer for wax. One of the biggest mistakes people make when using a wax pen is thinking that they can use the same type of “tobacco” grinders and rolling papers that may be associated with smoking from a pipe or joint.

Many people assume that because they read an online article about vaporizer pens or saw someone else doing it, they can handle their marijuana concentrates correctly. This assumption that using a vaporizer pen is in any way similar to smoking is dangerous and can lead to serious health problems and contaminated cannabis.

The best ways to use a wax pen for potency and flavor, then, are through a vaporizer with a ceramic plate or quartz rod heating element. Ceramic or quartz heaters provide the most efficient heating of the material while vaporizing it at the same time, producing little heat on your fingers when you are using your pen.

There are also a growing number of new third-party companies manufacturing wax vaporizers that have a quartz heating element. We recommend checking out this company’s products because they are made with the highest quality materials and are exceptionally durable.


How to use your wax pen correctly:

wax pen
wax pen

A portable vaporizer should always be used according to manufacturer’s instructions. Generally, this means that you should only vape at the temperature set for your material, wait for it to fully melt (usually between 5-10 seconds), and inhale slowly until you reach your desired level of potency. As always, it is important to use caution when using any new device that produces smoke or requires flame.

Additionally, it is important to use a vaporizer exclusively for wax. Contrary to popular belief, there are many people who think that they can use a vape pen for concentrates and not have their cannabis end up looking like “smoke” when they exhale. While this is theoretically possible, it is much less likely to happen when using a portable vaporizer for wax.

It is also important to note that while you can technically use these devices for cannabis extracts in many cases (see the second point below), we highly advise against doing so because of potential health risks associated with using unsafe additives in concentrates.

How to use a wax pen with cannabis:

If you decide that you want to experiment with using a vaporizer for marijuana, then there are some clear advantages of doing so. For one, the taste and flavor of your concentrate will not be altered at all by the vaping process. This is quite different from smoking or cooking with it where its taste may be altered greatly depending on how much and what type of additive is used.

Vaping also provides an easy way to medicate in public without letting passers-by know that you are consuming cannabis. This is especially useful when traveling across state lines into states where marijuana is illegal but may be difficult to detect.

What is a vape pen?

Vape pens are devices that let you vape a variety of substances. Vaping is the process of inhaling airborne e-liquid vapor from an electronic cigarette or personal vaporizer, which is often referred to as a vape pen. When you vape, it produces an aerosol and usually doesn’t contain tar or other toxic substances found in smoke from traditional cigarettes.

Vape pens are popular because they produce less odor than cigarettes and because they can be used for either medical or recreational purposes. Some vape pens can be filled with cannabis oil to help with medical conditions such as cancer, nausea, or chronic pain.

The following section will explain the different types of pen vaping devices and how they work.

What is a vape pen?

vape pen
vape pen

First thing you have to know is that a vape pen doesn’t contain tobacco or nicotine—it’s an electronic device that uses a special concentrate called e-liquid to generate vapor or smoke (depending on what type of vaping device it is). The liquid inside the vape pen usually includes vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and sometimes nicotine. These substances are usually combined in a 50/50 blend called VG/PG, which allows for the best possible result.

The vape pen will heat up the e-liquid to its boiling point, which creates the vapor that users inhale. The first vape pens looked like pens, but now there are many models that look like traditional cigarettes, cigars and pipes. They are often disguised as these smoking products to help users with quitting smoking or going out in public with their vaping paraphernalia.

To evaporate the e-liquid and create vapor clouds, a heating coil is used as a wick to absorb and evaporate e-juice on a small metal screen or wicking material. These coils can be found in atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers and tanks of the vape pen.


What are the different types of vape pens?

vape pen type
vape pen type

There are many different types and models of vape pens available. These include:


They are the most basic form of a vape pen, as well as the most common. They contain a wick coil (similar to a basic cigarette) inserted inside of an atomizer or cartomizer tank that holds e-liquid. When heat is applied to the atomizer (the device), it heats up and vapor is released through the wick in the coil. Atomizers are most commonly used in cigalikes and are the most convenient, least expensive and user-friendly. If atomizers break or aren’t working, a new atomizer can be purchased for under 15 dollars.


Also called clearomizers, cartomizers consist of an atomizer with a wick inserted into it and an e-liquid tank attached to the bottom that holds e-juice. The cartomizer has the advantage of holding more vape juice than an atomizer does, but less juice can make a cartomizer less efficient at producing vapor. Some users have complained about dry hits when using carts. Cartomizers are probably the best choice for beginners who don’t want to have to worry about burning out coils and other technical issues.


Cigalikes (like the original Blu eCigs and NJOY King) are vape pens that are shaped like traditional cigarettes. They contain both a battery and e-cigs, which make them compact and convenient to carry around, but they tend to produce less vapor than vape pens that use larger tank systems because they generally have less space for bigger coils and reservoirs. Some users have complained about cigalikes being hard to hit when their batteries die or if their e-liquid runs out.


Clearomizers are pre-filled with a mixture of e-juice and e-liquid in a tank. These tanks allow for bigger coils that produce more vapor. Some users have complained about dry hits when using clearomizers. Clearomizers can be found in larger sizes to accommodate larger coils that produce more vapor, but they generally cost more than clearomizers.

Dry burn:

Dry burn is an issue with some vape pens where the heating coil dries out without producing vapor. This is usually caused by overuse or because of the device not having enough liquid for the heater element to operate properly, but it can also occur after using your device for a few days. The best way to solve this problem is to allow your device to cool down, remove the battery for a few seconds or minutes, and then reload your e-juice.


Dripping is when e-liquid is applied directly onto the heating coil of a vape pen using a pipette (dropper), which allows you to put just enough e-juice on the wick of the coil and generate more vapor than you could get with other vape pen methods. The advantage of dripping over other methods is that more vapor can be produced, but it has a few risks associated with it that some users don’t like.

How do a vape pen work?

Vape pens are designed to be used with tiny tanks that are called clearomizers. They hold the e-liquid and the coil that is used for vaporization. The coils can get shorted out if they are not cleaned in time, and this could cause a burnt taste when you vape or even damage the heating element of the vape pen itself. Even though it’s not complicated, it’s still better to acess the articled tagged for cleaning your vaporizer.

cleaning vape pen
cleaning vape pen

How long does a battery last?

There are some types of batteries as the battery is an essential part of every vape pen, it powers the device and allows you to use it without plugging it into an outlet.

Many vape pens have a built-in battery. This means that you can charge it whenever is necessary and use your device right away without having to worry about charging batteries every day. In most cases, this will give you a vape for at least a couple of days without having to charge it too much, which is a great benefit for users who are on the go.

Most rechargeable batteries come with various mAh ratings, which stands for milliampere hours, or how many times the battery can be charged before it starts losing its energy or its battery life becomes shorter.

How to start a vape shop?

You were sitting in the kitchen eating your favourite cereal staring at that bottle of cookies and cream e-juice when the thought popped into your mind. “Why don’t I start my own vape shop? “How hard can it be? All I need is a shop, some products, and I am ready to go. But there is much more to opening a vape shop than just the products and the premises. Let us get started…

vaporizer shop
vaporizer shop

Okay before we get to the legal aspect of things, let us first look at the basics that you need to start your own vape shop:


What is the most important thing when it comes to owning your own vape shop, product, etc?

That is right client satisfaction. Without satisfied clients, your product or shop is going to be everything but successful. So the first thing you need to do is think about how you are going to make your clients happy and how you are going to stand out from the vape shop that is a block away from you.

Next on the list is where are you going to locate your vape shop? Okay here is a suggestion, locate your shop where there is little to no competition because this will ensure that everyone in the area comes to you. Yes, you are going to get more customers if you are going to have your shop in town, but your rent is also going to be higher. So, get a location that is out of town.

Next, we have what you are going to stock. Okay, this is important because this can make or break your reputation. Why? Because imagine the following scenario, a client walks in, they want a certain kind of vaporizer battery, you don’t have it and this means you are losing that customer. Do research and see what is popular and stock up on it!

After making your competition study about the vape shops around, we get to the marketing part, this is where things get a little bit tricky. Because there are strict advertising laws when it comes to e-cigarettes. So using social media and word of mouth is particularly important when it comes to vaping. Are you going to have a website advertising your products and keeping your clients up to date? Or are you going to advertise it on Facebook and tweet about it on twitter?


Insurance, insurance, insurance…


Yes, I know what you are thinking: “Just get to the point already!” Choose an insurance company that understands the vaping industry. Your insurance needs to include the following: product, public and occupier’s liability, employer’s liability, and contents insurance.

Now we get to the tricky part…

Vape Shop Laws and Regulations

vape shop laws and regulations
vape shop laws and regulations

Although you do not need a license to open a vape shop you still need to be on top of things when it comes to the government’s regulations.


Restrictions and Penalties

It is against the law to sell nicotine products to people under the age of 18. There are the following penalties for companies that break the law:

  1. A criminal record to the person who sold to the person who is under 18
  2. A fine for the person who sold to the person who was under 18
  3. A fine for the company who was responsible for the sale of the product to the under 18

Training your staff for a vape shop

Your staff needs to be updated with the new regulations and laws and need to know the following:

  • What the age restriction is
  • What products are age-restricted (rather don’t sell any products to under 18’s even if it is not age-restricted or his nicotine free)
  • What they must do if there is a person that is under 18 and wants to buy something

The meaning of white label

This is when a product or service removes its brand and logo from the product and then uses the brand that the purchaser wants. Here is an example, you go to Walmart and see the products that are made under their Great value brand, but this does not mean that Walmart produced all of these products. No! some companies were willing for their products to be wrapped in the Great Value packaging.


Now we get to OEM or ODM


OEM products are products that are sold by the manufacturer bases on the specifications of the buyer. Where ODM products are products that are pre-designed and sold under the brand name of the company that is purchasing it. ODM are products that are finished.



The advantage of OEM companies is to purchase quality products in larger quantities at lower rates.



You do not have to sit and waste your time on product development. This model is usually the most beneficial to companies because it saves time.

There you have it guys we have come to the end of this article. I hope you found it helpful and that you now know the ins and outs to open your own vape shop. Yes, opening a vape shop is not only choosing your location and products there is a lot more to it. But if you follow your heart as well as the laws and regulations, you will have the key to your new vape shop and success.