Why do weed water pipes have an extra hole?

Everyday there is more technology surrounding the world of smoking. Among the many types of bongs we have nowadays, we go from vape bongs to the most simple mini glass bong. Water pipes are a very popular kind of bong. The hole on the side of one kind of marijuana pipe is called a “carburetor.” Placed at the very end of the pipe, it’s there to regulate airflow and help control how much smoke you inhale. When the carburetor isn’t burning properly, it can even lead to pipes that don’t work at all. Here’s an easy step-by-step guide for what to do when this happens.


What is the carburetor on a water pipe?

bong water pipe
bong water pipe

A carburetor is simply a hole that regulates air flow. For the purposes of this article, we’ll talk about bongs with two chambers, like the one pictured above. The carburetor sits at the very end of the downstem, and it allows you to control how much smoke passes through from one chamber into the other. We’ll discuss how this works in more detail below.


What causes a carburetor to not work properly?

The exact cause of a carburetor not working properly varies between users. Sometimes, it’s just your pipe piece wearing out, and the hole will no longer seal properly. Other times, it’s a result of the water in the second chamber being too acidic. If this is the case, you’ll notice that your smoke has the sharpness of vinegar and a strange burning sensation when you inhale. This can be solved by letting your water sit overnight before use—the acid will convert back into a neutral pH.

Sometimes, a dirty carburetor can be to blame. In this case, your pipe will still function, but it will produce less smoke than usual. And in extreme cases—we’re talking certain kinds of resin build up—your carburetor can actually get so caked over with resin that it stops working entirely and you’ll have to replace it.


What are some ways to fix a carburetor that doesn’t work?

water pipe
water pipe

1. Use a Carb Cleaner

The easiest way to solve a problem with your carburetor is with a little bit of bong cleaner. There are several kinds of cleaners that you can purchase at any head shop, but we recommend YouCopia Cleaning Concentrate, which you can buy from Amazon for $8.99. It’s great for cleaning bongs, dab rigs and pipes, and can even be used as a glass cleaner.


2. Make Your Own Carburetor Cleaner

If you want to make your own cleaner, you can use a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda (not just any kind of baking soda though—the baking soda should be the one with no additives). You’ll need to dampen the spray bottle with water before spraying it with this mixture and then let it dry completely before using it again. To be safe, always do a test patch on your piece first to see how much cleaner is needed.


3. Do a Patch

The best way to see if your carburetor really needs to be replaced is to give it a thorough cleaning and then do a patch test. This involves soaking the carburetor part in soapy water, then taking it out and letting it dry overnight. Next morning, put some oil on the threads of your downstem and use your finger or another clean brush (or q-tip) to run the cleaner over the scrubbed area. If there’s any residue left when you’re done, you can safely assume that your downstem has more buildup than it needs and should be replaced immediately.


Alternatives to Weed Pipes

desktop vape bong
desktop vape bong

If you’re looking for a better smoking experience than the one provided by weed pipes, you should consider checking out some alternatives, such as vaporizers. As the name suggests, these devices use vapor to get your high—much like a vape pen. These vaporizers are quite popular right now for several reasons. They’re small and discreet, which means they can be used discreetly and not ruin the appearance of your room like a regular pipe would. Additionally, there are no pipes associated with them—not even the carburetor hole!

Another thing you’ll appreciate about these devices is that they emit almost no smoke at all. This means that you won’t end up smelling like an ashtray after using yours. If you use a vaporizer, you can leave your house and expect to still be able to hold a conversation with someone.


Benefits of Weed Pipes

They Can Be Fashionable

Even if you’re not a huge fan of smoking marijuana (or even if you just don’t like the taste), it can still be nice to have a unique piece on your coffee table to show off to your friends. Many water pipes come in cool shapes, such as dragons or other mystical creatures, and can be made from glasses that cost hundreds of dollars, such as a Bohemian glass. This is the kind of pipe that looks cool sitting on your table without doing much else—though it’s also perfectly functional.


They Get Rid Of Residue

Those who use pipes know that weed leaves behind ash and tar residue. This residue sticks to pieces and pipes over time, leading to a really sticky mess. If you use a pipe regularly, it’ll start to gather this tar and build up. Eventually you’ll need to clean out your piece—but what if you don’t have a carburetor cleaner handy? That’s where a cleaning brush comes in handy. These tools are designed to scrape the stubborn gunk out of your pipe as you burn it. Typically they come with soft bristles on the end of a stick, but they’re also available in different forms such as wire brushes that can take off more hardened residue or even steel brushes which reach into every part of your pipe.


Easy Maintenance

With a pipe, there’s no need to take apart the entire thing just to clean out the bowl. Instead, you can simply puff in through the piece and blow through it. This will suck up any residual oil and ash that you may have built up in your piece over time—and it’ll also help clear out any resin build up from smoking too much. For a simple cleaning like this one, you won’t need messy chemicals like alcohol or bleach. Your pipe should have a bowl that’s attached to it, but some models come without one so that you can use a brush on them as well.


There you have it! I hope you enjoyed your reading about bongs. Keep updated in our blog for more info!

What is a Vape Bong?

Vape vs bong

If you are not familiar with the act of “vaping,” you may be thinking to yourself what does that even mean? Well, to put it simply: vaping is using an electronic cigarette, or a device designed for vaporizing cannabis.

A vaporizer heats up weed and releases a mist of its essential ingredients and THC into the air. This way, you inhale all the active components without any unhealthy smoke. These devices are also extremely portable so they’re perfect for stoners on-the-go who don’t want to lug around their bongs!

For bongs, if you’ve never used one before, it can seem like they’re ridiculously complicated. But it’s actually quite simple: all you need is water, weed, and a bowl. They are bigger so not as portable. The water acts as the filter to make your smoke smoother and clearer, while the bowl holds your weed so that you can light it up without burning your fingers.


What is a Vape Bong?

vape bong
vape bong

vape bong As the name suggest, a vape bong is basically a device that has been modified to make it work as a bong for vaporizing weed instead of smoking it. Despite not being used in the traditional sense, a vape bong still serves the same purposes of its predecessor. As with all marijuana vaporizers, these devices are easy to use and durable so there’s no need for you to be worried about them breaking.


The three main parts of a vape bong are:

The Battery: this is the part that powers the device and also tells it to heat. Oftentimes, these batteries come in different colors so that you can easily distinguish them from one another.

The Chamber: this is where your weed will be placed. As you hit the device, the chamber will heat up and then release a puff of smoke into your mouth (this is also referred to as the “vaporizer bowl”).

The Mouthpiece: this is where your mouth will be placed when you use your device. As you inhale, it gives whoever’s smoking an unobstructed view of their weed below (which I guess looks cool and all).


What materials make up a Vape Bong?

The main body of the device is usually made up of glass or metal while its base can be composed of plastic or wood. The mouthpiece is usually made from plastic. Instead of using a bowl to hold weed, vape bongs generally employ a ceramic or quartz cup. There are also vape pens that use a wick system.


What are the benefits of Vape Bongs?

vape bongs
vape bongs

vape bongsOne of the primary reasons why people prefer using vaporizers instead of normal bongs is because they’re more discreet. The fact that you can use these devices even when you’re in public makes them perfect for smokers on-the-go who can’t stand the smell produced by smoking regular weed.

Vaporizers also allow you to conserve your stash since you’ll be smoking less and inhaling all the active ingredients in marijuana without any smoke getting in there. Vape bongs are also a lot easier to clean since the bowl doesn’t get that gunky and thick stuff that normal bowls get over time.


How does a Vape Bong Work?

You’ll need to change the mesh screen of your vape bong before using it so that you can avoid inhaling any unwanted debris. Although you technically don’t really inhale weed when using a vape bong, you will be surrounded by its pleasant aroma as it fills up the room with its marijuana scent.

You’ll first need to grind your weed so that the battery can heat it up.

After you’ve done this, put the weed in the bowl and put the lid on your vape bong. You need to make sure that the herb is tightly packed in there so that it compacts well and prevents any air from getting in.

Next, you connect your battery to the heating element of your device and then press down on it for a few seconds. Most batteries will start blinking to indicate they’re heating up.


What are the drawbacks of using a vape bong?

While vape bongs offer the same benefits as traditional bongs, they have some drawbacks. First of all, these devices are more expensive than ordinary pipes. Take note that not all vaporizers can be used to smoke weed so there’s that. Also, they have a tendency to get messy. Even after you clean your vape bong, you’ll still end up with a trace of cannabis left over.

How to choose a Vape Bong?

desktop vape bong
desktop vape bong

When it comes to choosing the correct device for you, there are many ways that you can go about this. First of all, make sure that the device is made of top-quality materials. You want to ensure that it’s sturdy enough not to break even if dropped by accident or if crushed by stressful activities. Next, pay attention to the mouthpiece since this is where exposure to heat will happen first. The best pick for a mouthpiece is glass since it won’t become damaged even if dropped.

Finally, don’t forget to see how far you can adjust the temperature of your device and if you can set it at a low heat that doesn’t destroy your weed. This way, you’ll be able to conserve your stash.

While vaporizing is still the most popular way of getting high without smoking anything, there are still some people who prefer using traditional bongs to smoke their marijuana.


Which vape bongs are best?

The one thing that distinguishes a good vaporizer from an average one is the quality of its vaporizer coil. A good vape coil should heat up fast and evenly so that you’ll get a smooth, cool hit.

You also need to remember that some vape bongs are designed for dry herbs while others are made for concentrates. Most vape bongs, however, can be used for both!


Custom-made Vape Bongs

A lot of people are going the DIY route and try to make your own bongs. That can be a fun experience but if you lack the technical know-how, better leave it to the experts. The good thing is that you don’t need to know how to build your own bong in order to have one custom made for you. The best option would be getting in touch with custom glass manufacturers since they’ll be able to do everything from scratch.

After all, there’s nothing better than dropping a bong for your resident stoner who’s been looking for the perfect birthday or Christmas gift. These devices are sturdy, discreet, and can be used to smoke cannabis whenever and wherever you want without arousing suspicion. Plus, they come in so many different designs that you’ll never run out of options to choose from! I hope you found this article informative. Happy vaping!

Bong vs Vape

The bong vs vape debate has been raging on for over a decade, with some estimating that there are upwards of 15 million people currently vaping and not smoking. Vaping is becoming more popular than ever before, with many seeing it as the future alternative to cigarettes. The thing is, there’s no clear winner in this argument yet.

One might argue that bongs are better because they allow you to take in much more smoke and hit harder, but they’re often too complicated for beginners. On the other hand, vapes are simple and always produce a little bit of vapor on top of the e-juice which can be thick or thin depending on how you drip it or whatever your mod does.

Vapes are harder to clean and maintain than bongs and bong hit taste is completely different from that of a vape hit. There’s no denying that both have their merits, but the real question is: which is better?

Let’s take a look at both sides and try to figure out which one you should choose if you want to escape the dreaded addiction. We’ll begin with the good old-fashioned bong!


Bong: Pros & Cons​


There are plenty of reasons why you may want to choose this over vaping. A bong can be used anywhere at any time without arousing suspicion or having others around become uncomfortable.

Bongs allow you to get the best of both worlds, smoking and vaping. This is why many people prefer to use them because they can still enjoy the best aspects of each. Bongs also offer a much stronger hit than vapes.

Pros: Stronger hit, no threat of being caught smoking in public, can be used anywhere at any time.

Cons: More complicated to use than vapes; takes a little longer to rip off/on but this can be remedied with patience and practice; much more expensive than vapes.


Vape: Pros & Cons​

best weed vaporizer AIRVAPE X
best weed vaporizer AIRVAPE X

Vapes are much more discreet than bongs, and you can take it with you anywhere because of its small size. Vaping is also very popular because it is easy to use and there is no fear of being caught with a vape. This makes vaping the preferred choice for many people who are afraid of other people smoking in public places.

Pros: Easy to use, easier to conceal, less obvious odor.

Cons: Harder hit than bongs, just as complicated as a pipe; when using a vape for the first time it takes a little longer to get used to the process. If you’re already an experienced smoker this won’t be an issue.


Vape Bong Hybrid

If you are a fan of the big hits and you just can’t decide between bongs and vapes, it might be worth looking at a vape-bong hybrid. This type of device is a combination of both worlds. With the best parts of bongs and vapes, these units make smoking easier than ever before.

Hybrid devices usually have the coil and wick system that is found in vapes combined with a glass water bong that makes the hit much more powerful than traditional vapes or pipes. You’ll get a good clean hit when using one of these, and they’re also great for stealth because they are so small.

However, finding a good hybrid is not easy. Unfortunately, many of the cheaper ones have no glass on them and are simple plastic pipes. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t deliver the same potential benefits. As always, it’s all about finding the right vape bong that will suit your needs and your budget.


Get Your Own Bong or Get Your Own Vape?

mighty dry herb vape
mighty dry herb vape

There are plenty of affordable options on the market today for you to choose from. Whether you want something cheap but effective or something that delivers an authentic smoke experience there are plenty of excellent options available to you. Make sure you do your research before purchasing one so that you get exactly what you need. If you’re new to bongs or vapes then you might want to check out our Beginners Guide to Vaping.


When choosing a bong vs vape, it’s very important that you look for these key features:

Ease of cleaning/Maintenance:

You don’t want to waste your money on something that takes ages to clean compared to the time it takes you to smoke out of it.

Ease of use:

If you’re a beginner it’s going to be hard to learn how to use the vape bong properly. It’s important that it’s easy for you to use so that you are able to do everything without any problems at all.

Size & Weight:

You don’t want the unit or device itself taking up space in your house, as well as the fact that they can get heavy after a while, especially if you’re using one every day.


The price of vape bongs and vapes are not fixed but there should be enough value for money to make it worth purchasing. However, there are some cheap options on the market that could be worth checking out as well.


Even if you do decide that you want to purchase a vape or a bong, there are some important things you should know about why they exist and what makes them better. If you follow all of the above tips and make a wise purchase, you should be able to enjoy your vape or bong for quite a while. Many people have been using vape bongs and vapes for years now so if you’re new to this world, it’s important that you understand the process of pulling a rip, blowing out the smoke and enjoying your hit.