Given the type, variety, and features, purchasing the best vaporizer can be an overwhelming task. Particularly, when you are new to the world of the vaping undertaking of such an endeavor can prove daunting. By adopting a smart approach, however, you can make the process of choosing the best vaporizer much easier.

This guide walks you through all the important features you should consider and the decision you would make to choose a perfect vape. Following this step-by-step guide, vape enthusiasts can conveniently choose the best vaporizer for them.

Let’s begin to explore the critical factors involved in making an ultimate vaporizer choice.

Consider three main vaping options

Some vaporizers are designed to vaporizing dry buds only.  While the others are good for vaping concentrates. Yet the third type allows vaporizing both dry herb and concentrates. What type of vaporizer is most suitable to you is largely determined by what do you want to vape.

Vaporizers that allow vaping of both dry herb and concentrates can be a better investment than those without this feature. Additional heating chambers that feature these vaporizers allow vaping enthusiasts to switch from flowers to concentrate vaping.

The dual-function devices that vaporize both dry herbs and concentrates often come with a higher price tag. It is always a better strategy to focus on the features and durability instead of getting carried away with price or models with super-snazzy features.

It is always advisable to consider what you can vaporize with a vaporizer while making a purchase decision.


Your budget

Your budget is a critical factor that plays an important role in shaping what vaporizer you should go after. Depending upon what amount of money you can or want to spend, you can get an elaborate vaporizer costing you several hundred dollars. But you can also find low-cost, battery-operated portable vaporizers that costing you under €100.

Whatever amount of budget you are intending to spend, you can get the best value of your money by analyzing the reviews of the product under consideration. Going through several reviews would allow you what to expect from your chosen product.

Striking a balance between the price and efficiency of a product can help you to choose the most suitable vaporizer.

Portable or desktop

If you are looking for a vaporizer to use it on-the-go then obviously you need to explore portable vapors. On the other hand, if you enjoy vaping at home and prefer a stronger draw then desktop vaporizers can be most suitable for you.

Portable vaporizers are much easier to carry and hold. You can use them while you are in a park or going to a festival.


Convection and conduction heating

The vaporizers can heat your herb using convection heat, conduction, or a combination of both. In conduction, the heating element touches your herb directly which may result in the burning of your stuff.

Most expensive vaporizers are based on convection heat where they send hot air around your herb. Since the heating element doesn’t touch the herb therefore it can produce a much smoother vape.

The flavor of the vapors produced by convection vaporizers can be milder though.


Temperature control or fixed temperature

Most of the affordable vaporizers come with the pre-set temperature ranges. They lack fine-tune temperature control and provide simplified low, medium, and high-temperature settings instead.

On the other hand, vaporizers with multiple temperature settings offer flexibility by extending more control over temperature and hence produce better user experience.

By setting a temperature perfect for your substance, you can take advantage of its full effect and aroma.